Mt Cattlin Community Consultation Group

In 2018, Allkem established a Community Consultation Group (“CCG”) to provide a platform for the community to communicate directly with the Company. The group comprises of an informal group of community stakeholders that work together by discussing environmental, social and health aspects of the Company’s operations.

The CCG conducts regular meetings and encourages community members to contact a CCG member directly for any concerns or issues they have regarding Mt Cattlin’s operations.

Sue Leighton
Phone: 0407 981 301
Keith Rowe
Phone: 0428 381 231

Geoff Fairhead
Phone: 0429 389 023

Kim Bennett
Phone: 0427 383 213

Julia Bell
Phone: 0427 381 092

Matthew Bird
Phone: 0417 909 280

Keith Dunlop
Phone: 0428 383 302

Penne Metcalf
Phone: 0428 160 776

Download our Mine Closure Plan

The current and approved Mine Closure Plan for Mt Cattlin is available for download.
Please click the link below, fill in the request form, and a copy will be emailed to you.

Allkem Community Relations

Shaun Ryan
General Manager - Mt Cattlin Operations
Katie Morgan
Community Relations
Marika VanDerKlugt
HSEC Manager
Paul Abbott
Environmental Advisor